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Enchant Your Partner with Ease

How are your flirting skills? Have you ever tried to lure your partner in with enchantment?

The enchantresses in the legends of King Arthur brought balance to a society ruled by male domination. Through their seductive, female magic they magnetized the men of Camelot– the King’s warriors set aside their brutish behavior and broke their backs to court these women. They acted with chivalry in the hopes of earning a smidgen of feminine admiration and tender, female affection.

You, too, can be a modern-day enchantress and inspire a man to honor the laws of chivalry in your relationship. You can magnetize and hypnotize the men you are dating by embracing the power a woman has when creating intimacy with a man!

By having the right energy around a man and using the right words and body language when interacting with him, you can ignite long-lasting flames of passion in his susceptible heart!

Here are 3 ways you can be a more seductively intimate woman and effortlessly enchant men:


When a modern enchantress is with a man, she no longer is the power-playing professional or the multi-tasking, in-charge mother of three children—she is a leaf on the river.

To be a leaf on the river, you slow down, set aside all strategies and ideas you have about how to ‘hook a man’, and just go with the flow of the moment when with men. You take deep breaths, sit back, feel soft inside, warm in your heart and just enjoy the memories created by chemistry and romantic connection.

An enchantress is a master at ‘just being’. She knows how to feel feminine and vulnerable around a man and can relax into that vulnerability. She doesn’t try to improve upon the relationship or scramble to seal the bond. She doesn’t fill in all the awkward silences when with him or struggle to make his experiences, when around her, more enjoyable.

She just lets the moments unfold as they will. She allows a man to come forward at his own pace, and she lets him nurture her with HIS attention and affection.

An enchantress knows that her soft side is ALWAYS open to receiving. See, many of us women can’t receive. We complain about our loneliness and unmet needs and we desperately want areal man to come in and sweep us off our feet, but we have to do our part to achieve this. We have to have feminine energy to attract masculine energy.

Many of us have a hard time doing absolutely nothing but being available to a man’s advances. We want to do what we do best: bring the woman we are at our job and our mothering energy into the room so that we can fix, control, and manage the relationship at the pace we want and in the amount of time we want.

An enchantress is sexy because she never attempts this.  She knows that desperately wrapping herself into a pretzel to get what she wants when she wants it from a man actually gives a man too much power over her heart and life force.

She is a goddess who has an unwavering, tranquil, slow-paced energy about her that invites calm, love, sensuality, cuddles, tenderness and soft, sweet connection.


An enchantress can draw out a man’s vulnerability within minutes. She knows how to make him feel nervous and safe, at the same time.   She can make him feel so honored to be in her presence that he feels unnerved, while at the same time, she can make him feel so emotionally safe that he will open up entirely with her about his life.

The best way to make a man feel unnerved yet safe enough to expose his secrets is to listen to him at the right moments! This is so important.

When you are with a man, try to really hear what he says to you. Don’t speak over him, don’t glance down at your phone, don’t let your thoughts drift, don’t promise him you are listening when you are doing two other things at the same time, etc.

There are so many ways in which our minds keep us from connecting with other people. An enchantress uses her female energy to be in the moment and not a victim of her mental energy.

Ever go to a psychologist? Know how they sit calmly in front of you, looking at you and waiting for you to speak? They are inviting your feelings and thoughts out into the open. They are acting like vessels into which you can place your feelings and thoughts.

An enchantress does the same thing with a man— she draws a man toward her through her capacity to hear and HOLD his feelings and thoughts. She LISTENS to his soul as his mouth speaks.

You must clear your thoughts and open your heart to do this. You have to drop what you are doing and fully listen with your ears, heart, mind, and body.


If you gently touch a man when you feel extra connected to him– in moments when he has touched your heart with wonderful laughter or deep empathy– it can show him that his feelings matter to you and that his intentions have landed with your heart.

Don’t touch him too often and don’t use touch to force a connection. Just touch him in key moments, and make your touch a gift to him to show him that you are available to the connection.

When you can use your touch to show him that you both are “on the same page” and are “in tune” physically, spiritually and emotionally, love will start to brew in his heart and he won’t understand why but he will know it’s real.

Love is about deep intimacy that’s created in the space between two lovers. A highly intimate woman is always going to know the best way to use her caresses to bridge that space and fill it with understanding, desire and compassion.

Enchantresses of old were masters at using their feminine energy to magnetize men. They understood that men wanted desperately to feel brave, honored, respected and supported.  These knights also wanted to feel soothed and calmed inside through the power of a woman’s serene and sensuous love. Enchantresses were able to use all this knowledge about a man’s needs to hypnotize and magentize them during intimate moments.

Enchantresses are able to get strong, pridefilled men to step up and honor them.  They got these knights in shing armor to respect and tend to their female feelings and needs without doing much more than just sitting back and channeling their soft, seductive, connected sexy side.

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