DIY a Holiday Relationship Wish List with Your SO

4.  Books that you can read together:

If a workshop sounds overwhelming, you can always start by reading relationship books.  It’s an easy and cheap way to start improving your relationship.  You can do it in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace.  The key is going through the book together and discussing the ideas presented.  Have a real conversation about it and be honest about your thoughts.  Some ideas: Hold Me Tight, Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, and Wired for Love.

5.  Something that would be new for both of you:

Think about something that neither of you have done before that would be fun for you to explore together.  This could be a good way to expand your friendship and strengthen your foundation.  It could also add an element of spontaneity and break you from your routine.  Some ideas:  Sports lessons, join a bowling league, take a cooking class, an adventure (sky diving or a helicopter ride), funds to go towards couples therapy (even if you only attend a few sessions for a relationship checkup), or a staycation.

I hope this gave you some creative ideas for what to ask for this year that could also improve your relationship.  I know some years I am at a loss for what to request, so thinking outside the box is helpful and things that will make my life better is a win-win.  Comment below with some other ideas of what to add to your wish list or things you’ve gotten in the past that led to keeping up your amazing relationship.

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DIY a Holiday Relationship Wish List with Your SO

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