Dating Disabled …What We Have Wrong

Myth 3:

It will be a real drag to date someone with a physical disability, because they are “damaged” people. You will have to take care of them physically and mentally.


Many people with physical disabilities do not view themselves as “disabled,” let alone focus on this and/or let their disability get in their way. In fact,the majority of people with disabilities live extraordinarily full, intrinsically satisfying lives.They have great careers, killer social circles, and supportive families. They are also very skilled at being independent. When they are unable to do something for themselves, they hire someone to do it for them, just like everyone in Manhattan.

Myth 4:

My friends and family won’t accept us.


Friends and family can pose the biggest obstacle. Often, they, like many others, have simply not been exposed to someone with a physical disability. That doesn’t mean that they would not be open to accepting your romantic partner as someone who makes you happy. A little explanation and myth-debunking on your part is usually all that it takes.

Myth 5:

We won’t be able to live a normal life and do fun things together.


From my experience as a sexpert and public speaker, I have had the pleasure of meeting many people with disabilities from all over the world. I have met actors, models, politicians, mothers, fathers, doctors, athletes, world travelers, husbands and wives, all with physical disabilities, most in wheelchairs. Being their romantic partner would not only be fun, but possibly would offer some of the best experiences of your life, with continual discovery and adventure waiting for you around the corner. With some creativity, strategy and communication, any activity is possible, and both parties can experience the world to the fullest together.

Dating is tough for anyone. When we exclude a certain group of people from our dating pool, we limit ourselves and reduce our chances of finding our “soul mate” or “partner in crime.” Hopefully, with a better understanding of these five myths, your mind will be opened to new types of dating experiences. You never know who will be your next great love, and it would be sad to let a wheelchair get in the way, especially when it isn’t even an issue for the person with the disability.

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Dating Disabled …What We Have Wrong

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