Creative, Playful Dates…Try One a Week

You have a first date coming up and you want to make a great first impression.

Sure, you could do the traditional coffee date or the cliche dinner, but that isn’t going to impress anyone. If you want to impress the shit out of your date, it’s time to get creative.

Have An Art Picnic

Bring some colored pencils and those adult coloring books with you on a picnic. You’ll get points for coming up with a unique twist to a picnic, as well as your food choices. Speaking of which, don’t choose anything messy. Finger foods are best.

Take A Cooking Class

Not only does a cooking class give you something fun to do, it also shows your date that you’re good at following directions. That means you’ll follow directions elsewhere, like the bedroom.

Go Shopping For A Relative

Nothing melts a woman’s heart like showing how much you care about your family. Make a point to stop and buy something for your mom or sister. Ask for her help picking it out. You don’t need to have the entire date be centered around this, but if you’re walking through downtown, stop in a shop along the way “spontaneously.”

Play Games

If your date is on the nerdier or nostalgic side, head to the arcade. It gives you something fun to do. Plus, you’ll impress your date by showing that you can be a good sport if you lose at air hockey.

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Creative, Playful Dates…Try One a Week

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