Celebrating Christmas Eve as a Single

It’s that time of year. And we’re *so* glad we’re singletons…

Now, don’t get us wrong. We all know that there can be some amazing perks to being in a relationship.

Romantic mini-breaks, someone to share the hoovering with, comforting cuddles in the sofa and your own personal chef on tap (if you’re lucky).

But at the same time, isn’t there just something truly magical about being a single lady? Especially at Christmas…

Here are 17 reasons why being single at this festive time of year is the best thing ever…

1) You can lie in bed watching Home Alone and Elf with mince pie crumbs in your cleavage ALL day Christmas Eve and nobody will judge you.

2) Haven’t shaved your legs since December 1st? Literally no one cares.

3) You can spend as much money as you want in the Boxing Day without anyone branding you ‘reckless’.

4) You can set your desktop background as Tom Hardy in a Santa hat (and occasionally gaze wistfully at it) without anyone getting jealous.

5) Let’s be honest. M&S two dine in for £10 goes a lot further without a boyfriend. Think of all the extra pigs in blankets you’ll get…

6) You can rock that amazing mesh bodysuit to your work Christmas party without being asked why you’ve chosen to step out in a pair of fishnet tights. Er, because I look AMAZING?

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Celebrating Christmas Eve as a Single

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