6 Ways to Be Your Own Valentine All Year Round

3- Make Other’s Smile

Making yourself feel good and others too can be as simple as thinking back to what we did as kids on Valentine’s. Buy a bunch of lollipops and give them to people on a busy street, just see how good that makes everyone, you included, feel. In that vein, think about visiting at a Children’s’ Hospital or Senior’s residence or veterans home, and giving out paper roses, or candy hearts. The smiles on other people’s faces can be the best pick-me-up if you are feeling lonely.

4- Pay It Forward

One example of paying it forward is a movie, If you can afford it, pay for the next person in line’s coffee, or soft drink; or give them a candy heart (especially if they are cute!), you can even do this at the bus stop! Stick around long enough to see their shocked happy faces.

5- Spa Day

If you are into spa treatments preface dinner with mutual mani-pedis, or shoulder massages. (Come on guys, you can join in! Valentine’s isn’t just for girls you know!) Then go home, pour yourself a bubble bath, drink a glass of wine, and invite a friend over for a “romantic” dinner at home.

6- Engage Friends and Family

Use your imagination, brainstorm with other single friends, or your co-workers. Whenever you decide to make LOVE the theme of the day, remember that romantic love isn’t the only kind of love there is to share. Call your parents, tell someone you love them.

Perhaps the real message of St Valentine is to make up your own mind, and not allow others to dictate what love means to you. Most of all be kind to yourself each and every day.

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6 Ways to Be Your Own Valentine All Year Round

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