T&A Talk Sex – In Bed with F*ck Yes Team

T&A hop in bed with the F*CK YES team to learn more about their funny and heartfelt stories around sex!

We laughed a lot on this one! Emily Best and Erica Anderson also created Seed&Spark – pretty cool!

Erica and Emily talk openly with us on our podcast about recent awkward sex that T&A had, and how we as men and women can just make it …SO MUCH BETTER – Listen here:

This is What Compromising a Woman Looks Like, Ep131: T&A have bad and almost… Rape-y sex?! But instead of pointing fingers, the ladies chat with F*ck Yes series creators to unpack the situation and look at the underlying mindsets, beliefs and cultural influences that made T&A feel compromised.

Click Here for the ‘This Is What Compromising a Woman Looks Like, Ep131

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