The Bully in You: How to Choose Love Talk over Critical Talk

Bullies exist. Sure. But, sometimes I think we are our own biggest bullies.

Think about it? If anyone were as mean to you as you are to yourself, would you want that person to remain in your life?

This kind of repeated, silent, antagonizing we do to ourselves every time we make a mistake affects our mood.  Although, verbally abusing yourself seems like a powerful thing, because you get to say the bad things before anyone else does, it doesn’t help you. So here is how can we choose love talk over critical talk….

  • You’re late.

Critical Talk:

What do you say yourself? I know I say things like, “Ugh you should have left earlier.” “You always do this.” “You’re irresponsible.” “It’s all your fault.” “Can’t you ever be on time for anything?” These are things others may say about you, or you may say about others, but usually behind their back.

Love Talk:

I arrived in perfect time for my participation. I will set my alarm 15 minutes ahead of what I usually do from now on. Arriving early is a good challenge that I will take on. I can choreograph my schedule so I have more time to get to places on time stress free.