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To get started you will need to know a few things about Your Biggest Fan Program

1) Karinna Karsten will Message you in the LOVE TV membership starting within 24 hours of you signing up.

2) You will then receive one text a day from Karinna Karsten for seven days, offering you tips and assignments.

3) Your coupon code is Biggestfan17. This code will allow you to access the membership for one week for free. Using the membership is mandatory to this program. (Note: You will be prompted to add a credit card at the time you enter the coupon code to access the subscription. You will not be charged unless you choose to keep the subscription past the one-week mark, from the date of signing up.

4) Daily directives for your love life will be provided via Messages in your LOVE TV Membership inbox. Log in, and go to your drop down menu>community forum>user profile>messages.

5) Short assignments will also be given to you to do within the LOVE TV membership, such as take a quiz, listen or watch a library selection, and/or respond to a particular post.

6) Karinna will ask you to put these tips to work within 24 hours of receiving your tips. You will be asked to report back on using that tip.

If you feel you are enthusiastically ready and will be committed to go for it over the next week starting within 24 hours of signing up for the subscription, then we are ready to be there for you!

What You Get

Interactive Quizzes

Instructional Videos

Audio Learning

Directives for Your
Daily Love Life

Advice from Relationship

A Supportive Private

Karinna Karsten

Founder and CEO Karinna Karsten is an internationally respected relationship expert, bringing credibility, experience and a vast depth of knowledge on the subject of Love, Sex and Intimacy. As the founder of LOVE TV, Karinna makes regular national television appearances, and is a contributor to many media outlets to empower singles and couples to have their best love life.


Interactive Quizzes & Surveys

to Discover Who You Are in Love and Data Feedback to Achieve Your Love Goals

Video & Audio Library

to Build Your Relationship Confidence, Communication & Skills


to Answer Your Questions about Finding Your Match, Ghosting, Commitment Fears, Power Struggles

A Private Supportive Community

to Root You On

Members-Only Events

such as Navigating the Complexities of Modern Relationships
and Step-by-Step Fun, Intimacy Techniques

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