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Get expert advice on how to open your heart, ignite passion, and succeed in love.

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A library of Instructional audios and videos to succeed at and master love in modern relationships from LOVE TV’s Karinna Karsten.  Karinna is an internationally recognized relationship expert and author of Intimate Wisdom, The Sacred Art of Love.

Interactive Curriculum profile quizzes and monitoring tools to help you achieve your best, most passionate, empowered, fulfilling love life whether you are in a relationship already or dating.

Access LOVE TV Private Community

Participate in Private Group Forums About Important Love, Sex and Intimacy Topics for You. Receive Advice from Your Personal Relationship Experts and Support from Peers to Form Your Best Decisions in Your Love Life Every Step of the Way.

Karinna Karsten

Founder and CEO Karinna Karsten is an internationally respected relationship expert, bringing credibility, experience and a vast depth of knowledge on the subject of Love, Sex and Intimacy. As the founder of LOVE TV, Karinna makes regular national television appearances, and is a contributor to many media outlets to empower singles and couples to have their best love life.

Member-Only Events

Regularly scheduled live chat sessions on topics including: 

  • How to find the person that is right for you
  • How to have the best sex
  • Navigating the Complexities of Modern Relationships
  • Laying a foundation for a high quality relationship
  • Intimacy and Sex “Step by Step techniques”
  • How to overcome heartache and relationship challenges
  • Creating your own authentic love adventure
  • Getting the most of your Love TV membership
  • Feedback from experts about your unique situations