Watch LOVE TV’s poignent and funny Dating Series and Segments. LOVE TV’s Entertainment offers up today’s Dating Dilemma’s and Challenges in both catharic and comedic short form scenarios. We look forward to hearing about your favorites, your personal reflections, and comments in the Community Forum under Dating and Relationships.

Trying Hard

Two woman with very different dating styles end up experiencing similar downfalls while playing the field in NYC

The Art of Not Playing It Cool with Ruby & Martin

Ruby and Martin: In this offbeat comedy, Ruby and Martin awkwardly navigate the trials and tribulations of love. Influenced by a co-dependent twin-brother and an overprotective best friend, Ruby and Martin try to make a connection…and fall in love, awkwardly.

That Show About That Girl

4 millennial best friends search for connection in the wacky yet empowering tech age, meeting crazy characters, going on asinine adventures, and discovering different dating scenarios, which leads to self discovery and the opportunity for growth. #aod


GRADUATION follows two high school best friends, with very different points of view on life, who are forced to confront what to do after one of them is sexually assaulted at a party.There are many kinds of graduations in life. In this series we follow CAROLINE HARMON as she graduates from childhood to womanhood, high school to college, and an end of innocence to self-awareness. We experience all the joy and heartbreak Caroline experiences as she navigates her life with her single mom, FRANKEE ITAYA, the deteriorating relationship with her best friend, ALEX KIM, who she thinks betrayed her, and the choice whether to confront the boy who raped her or brush it under the rug.


It's hard to find your lifelong teammate, and for these football fans, it's nearly impossible. Watch these women defy the odds (and social norms) to finally SCORE in love.

Talking Heads

Sarah, a 20 year old going through a quarter life crisis, meets Jonathan, a lonely man twice her age who hasn't has a serious relationship in 10 years. Through a chance meeting, they change each others' lives in ways they never thought possible.

The Neck Brace

After arranging a meet up using an online dating-app, a woman is startled when her date arrives wearing a giant neck brace.

Threesome Dating Is Hard

DOIN’ IT is a comedy about two aspiring writers trying to achieve their dreams. Their resulting adventures are almost entirely under five minutes, are sometimes original or parody music videos, and include biracial struggles, dating, threesomes, hating shaving, wanting parental love from your boss, and struggling to take naked selfies.


Slut can be a strong word and powerful emotions and assosiations. This dualing set of videos explores the word with a couple on a date, through a Woman’s POV and a Man’s POV.

Breakup Mantra

A young woman works through the stages of grief after a breakup with the help of her best friend and a new motivational phrase.

Polite Sex